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"MARIO HAS a lighter, more effortless touch than Rubinstein; (his) music floats out on a carrier wave of understanding of life and of the audience."

Composer-Arranger, David Campbell

MARIO FENINGER is a consummate musician of sweeping perspective.  European trained with deep respect for the traditions of the past, yet a keen eye on 20th and 21st Century attitudes, he has devoted  himself not merely to performing upon the piano but to understanding the pianist's entire  approach to the instrument; addressing  philosophy and physicality in conjunction  with musicianship.

"TO WATCH HIM PLAY is to be mesmerized  by his artistry and grace while hearing beautiful music performed as few other artists can perform it-- exactly as its composer intended it."

Friend, Craig Jensen

MARIO FENINGER passed away in August of 2016, in Los Angeles, at the age of 94.

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